Heating System Maintenance Facts and Considerations

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More often we hear about many fires reports all over the country and they’re not just homes that are seeing these problems. Commercial properties also need to be aware of its heating system maintenance during the cold months. In most instances, the lack of knowledge on heating fires is what causes them, which is why heating system maintenance is so important. If your commercial property is not well-ventilated and smoke from heating equipment get trapped indoors, carbon monoxide accumulates in your body causing suffocation and even death. That’s some serious stuff, which is why heating system maintenance is vital.

Heating fires can get out of control especially when flammable material is placed around other heating equipment. The end results are property destruction, injuries, and even death if your company is not taking care of its heating system maintenance. Have an expert come in to make sure that all heating equipment is properly set up to avoid any potential dangers or mistakes. Learn about these facts and consider each topic to save your property from a potential threat.

Why Consider Cranney Companies?

Cranney Companies’ mission is to exceed expectations of the customer at a fair price. There’s no ifs when or buts about it. We care about your commercial property and are fully equipped to handle heating system maintenance checks. Here at Cranney Companies, we strive to bring high-quality and efficient services to all commercial properties. You can take advice from us knowing that our expertise is certified and consistent with fully-trained professionals.

Critical Facts on Heating System Maintenance

  • Failure to clean heating equipment

Failure to clean heating equipment and conduct heating system maintenance checks lead to a world of problems. Not cleaning heating equipment contributed to approximately 30% of home fires recorded between 2009 and 2013 per an NFPA report. This involved solid-fueled equipment for the most part.

  • Flammable objects are a leading cause of heating fires

Many fires recorded are the result of flammable objects placed too close to heating equipment. According to the same NFPA report, heating death fires result from flammable igniting at 56%, a disturbing figure that could have been prevented by heating system maintenance. It’s always necessary to take precautions and all flammable materials such as curtains or upholstered furniture should be placed at least 3 feet away from any heating equipment.

  • Lack of smoke detection systems

A commercial property should never lack in smoke detection systems. Smoke contains carbon monoxide and excess levels can enter the bloodstream of workers and slowly suffocate them. Smoke detectors are so important in raising the alarm whenever smoke levels are high, so make sure to conduct a heating system maintenance check and make sure there are smoke detectors around!

  • Heating fires mostly occur at night

Most fires don’t even occur during the day when everyone is working, instead, they occur when everyone is away from the property. The reason is because companies leave their furnaces or space and portable heater running throughout the night. Without control, heating equipment cause fires in the night when everyone is away from the scene. Don’t be late to fix this issue and lose your commercial property, have a heating maintenance check in place.

  • Space and portable heaters are more dangerous than heating furnaces

Companies need to make sure they turn off their space heaters when leaving a room. Place portable heaters in smart locations and be careful when they are moved to prevent any sparks. Space heaters account for the largest percentage of death, injuries, and property damage per the NFPA report. Yup, 84% civilian deaths, 75% civilian injuries, and 52% of direct property damage.

  • Professional annual heating system maintenance is a must

Call in a professional HVAC technician or heating system maintenance personnel to check your space heating equipment, water heaters, central heaters, etc. to clear any clogged vents. This will help your company avoid potential danger and keep your commercial property safe from heating fires.

  • Develop a fire evacuation plan

If you run a company and have multiple employees, then always, always make sure to have a fire evacuation plan. In the case of a fire, you need a comprehensive evacuation plan that saves everyone’s life. Have several fire exits and practice with your team on what to do in the case of a fire disaster.

Stay safe and prevent any chance of heating fires—conduct a heating system maintenance check and call Cranney Companies today!