5 Ways You Can Save Money with Furnace Maintenance

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Furnace maintenance is exactly what you need to ensure your commercial property remains warm and comfortable throughout the winter. When you own a commercial property, you’re looking to make money instead of lose it. However, if you’re not staying on top of your heating needs, you may wind up losing money due to higher costs on heating bills. Truth be told, heating bills can prove quite the detriment. And there’s no way going without a heating system either, especially when you have customers, employees, tenants, or patients who will rely on a steady flow of heat throughout the season. In fact, the worst thing a commercial property can experience during the colder months is a lack of heat, so heating bills remain a constant thorn in the side of several property owners out there. In addition, you may experience poor energy efficiency, shortened heating system lifespan, noticeably uneven temperature, and increased likelihood you will need to call your local heating company for service like furnace replacement. If you want to avoid all of these pains throughout the season, now is the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge of furnace maintenance before you receive an unpleasant surprise when the next heating bills arrives. Plus, when the comfort of everyone on your property is at stake, you can’t afford to simply not take action in bettering your heating system.

Why Should You Call Cranney Companies for Service?

Cranney Companies is here to provide you with high-quality heating service to ensure this winter is one of the most comfortable to date. We have been assisting commercial properties across the North Shore for years, and yours will be no exception. We highly recommend you call us for a heating tune-up once a year, ideally right before the winter begins. Even if you sense a slight problem with your heating system, it is nonetheless worth having us giving it an inspection. Our heating contractor will be able to spot even the smallest problems with your heating system. If you learn how to be cost-efficient with your home’s heating you can expect to see some amazing benefits. First and foremost, you will save tons of money on heating bills and gear your savings toward other interests. You will also experience a steady flow of heat that will last you for years. Plus, you can also expect to save money on furnace replacement and ensure you won’t have to worry about heating service for a long time to come. Instead, you’ll be able to shift your focus to where it really matters—making your commercial property better than ever.

How Can You Furnace Maintenance Save Money on Heating Bills?

In addition to our help, there are some steps you can take to ensure you’re not spending a single dollar more on heating bills this winter. The next time you’re looking to save more money, please take note of these 5 tips:

  1. Consider a programmable thermostat: If you set your thermostat so it raises the temperature in the morning and cools it down at night, this will help you adjust the amount of heat you’re getting based on the time of day. Programmable thermostats are a great option if you are looking for greater control over the amount of heat you’re getting. It can help reduce the risk of cold spots across your property and ensure you’re getting heat going to the areas need it the most, helping you save plenty of money on bills.
  2. Invest in Furnaces with Zoning Capabilities: Modern furnaces are equipped with zoning capabilities that will separate homes into zones, so you’re only heating the rooms you spend time in, and not wasting any extra heat on other spaces. As you probably know, giving heat to a room not in use will only lead to greater spending on energy bills, but also force your furnace to work harder and damage its lifespan.
  3. Make Sure Your Property is Insulated: Even if your heating system is working well, you may notice a lot of your heating efforts are making their way outside. This may be due to your property not being properly insulated. A lack of insulation on your property may put you more at risk for experiencing emergencies like frozen pipes. It will be much more effective in keeping heat in your house so you can experience greater comfort throughout the season.
  4. Make Sure Air Leaks are Sealed: Before the winter begins, you should check your commercial property for gaps, holes, and cracks throughout your home. Sealing air leaks up will reduce the transfer of cold air into your home and will prove an excellent way to see a lower heating bill throughout the season.
  5. Annual Heating Maintenance: A licensed heating contractor from Cranney Companies will be more likely to spot any underlying issues with your heating system, so make sure to give them a call once a year before the winter begins for inspection. A member of our team can repair problems before they grow into something much worse, ensuring the lifespan of your heating system is extended by years.

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