Why You Should Consider Commercial Exterior Lighting This Fall

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Commercial exterior lighting is a must-have for any business looking to improve its safety and make itself more alluring to potential customers. Without any exterior lighting whatsoever, you risk encountering a wide range of issues including lower property resale value and minimal customer interest. First impressions can be everything. If your property currently doesn’t have any lighting outside to give it a warm, inviting appearance, a potential buyer or customer will be less interested in your business, no matter how great the service. Worst of all, a lack of exterior lighting can also put the safety of your property at risk, resulting in a higher chance of intruder break-ins during the middle of the night. With customer and employee satisfaction at stake, you need to consider commercial outdoor lighting now before it is far too late.

Calling Cranney for High-Quality Service

Fortunately, Cranney Companies will make your property shine brighter than ever before. With a team of fully-trained electricians available, we can provide lightning quick service that will leave your property with new, bold lighting in record time. Our customer service is top-notch and we’ll make sure you have commercial exterior lighting speaking to the overall feel of your business. After all, your business is unique and that’s why we will provide service that makes it stand out from the pack. Our electricians will consult with you before any installation work is completed to ensure the work will be done to your individual specifications.

Why Should You Consider Commercial Exterior Lighting?

Reliable lighting is core to a successful business. Without it, both customers and employees will turn away in droves. However, making a quick call to Cranney Companies for service can:

  1. Improve Property Value: Even just making minor upgrades to your commercial property lighting can make a world of difference in your property’s resale value. Since one of the leading factors in determining property value is safety, potential buyers will take a greater interest once it is equipped with new lighting.
  2. Captured Aesthetic:  As we said earlier, your business is unique. Why not show it off with exterior lighting that will bring out even its smallest features? We can provide lighting that presents your business unlike anything else, showing customers that your property isn’t anything to simply turn away from.
  3. Entice Customers: If you have ever encountered a commercial property with little to no lighting, you probably stayed away from it, even if they were open for business. Fortunately, commercial outdoor lighting will instead entice customers and pique their interest even before they enter.

Types of Exterior Lighting to Consider

There are numerous types of lighting options for a wide range of commercial properties including hospitals, restaurants, apartment buildings, and more. While your needs will depend on your type of business, we generally recommend the following 5 lighting types:

  1. Motion Sensors: Protecting your property against the threat of intruders should be the highest priority, and there is no better way to do that than with motion sensors. Motion sensors can detect the intruder’s presence immediately. This type of exterior lighting can shed light even on shrubbery and bushes so trespassers will not have any place to hide.
  2. Pathway Lighting: This type of exterior lighting will make your property brighter and safer. It will allow customers and employees to enter and exit the building safely. Plus, on a sheer aesthetic level, pathway lighting can bring immediate comfort for any first-time customer or new employee to let them know your property is the right place to be.
  3. Wall Mounted Lighting: This is another type of exterior lighting that will give the exterior of your building a brand new look. Wall-mounted lighting is perfect for door and entrance ways. In addition, it also adds new dimension to the smaller features of your property building.
  4. Outdoor Ascent Lighting: This type of lighting will bring new life to the plants, bushes, and shrubbery of your property. The plants on your front lawn don’t have to be rendered irrelevant come nightfall. Outdoor ascent lighting will allow them to glisten in the night to give your property the extra edge.
  5. Spotlights: Unlike flood lights that will bring light to a wider area, spotlights will put greater focus on a smaller area instead. If you have a smaller area of your property’s exterior that you feel deserves attention, this is the correct lighting for you.

Don’t Leave Your Business In The Dark – Have Commercial Outdoor Lighting Installed Today

Contact Cranney Companies today if you want to make your property shine brighter than ever thanks to commercial exterior lighting!