5 Tips for Maintaining Plumbing Fixtures in Danvers, MA on Your Commercial Property

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If you own commercial property, you know just how many factors are involved in its management — and the more you own, the more there is to keep track of. With so much on your mind, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that the plumbing of your buildings isn’t exactly at the top of your priority list. If it’s not properly maintained, however, that plumbing can become a liability — which could make it all the more difficult to do your job. Here are 5 quick and easy tips for performing regular upkeep on plumbing fixtures in Danvers, MA:

  1. Check for leaks every once in awhile: Doing something as simple as “making the rounds” at your commercial properties to check for leaks around the plumbing can be the difference between maintaining normal operation and dealing with a massive inconvenience (not to mention a potential financial headache). Plus, even if the leaks aren’t a sign of a bigger problem, the water waste can run up a significant bill.
  1. Make sure the pipes are still in good condition: Over time, it’s inevitable that pipes will corrode. Call a plumber, or a member of your maintenance team, and have them check to see that the physical plumbing is still in good condition. Paying for repairs and regular upkeep is preferable to the costs associated with outright replacement in the worst-case scenario.
  1. Keep the water heaters up and running: Gradual sediment buildup and normal wear-and-tear will eventually reduce the efficiency of your property’s water heating systems. Regularly have someone flush out the sediment and examine the units for other problems.
  1. Check water pressure & drain performance: Start the water running on toilets, sinks and other fixtures to make sure a) the water pressure is at a sufficient level for your property’s purposes and b) the drain is getting the water down adequately. If either of these seem to be lacking in performance, it’s time to have the pipes checked out for a clog.
  1. Examine fixtures for damage: Of course, you can see a lot of physical damage with a quick visual sweep of your property’s fixtures, but also be sure to test their stability to make sure they’re solidly in place. If there’s any wobble or give at all, the loose attachments could cause issues.

Regular maintenance is great as a preventative measure, but don’t wait if you notice signs of significant damage or more serious problems in your plumbing — call Cranney Companies to get help with your plumbing fixtures in Danvers, MA.