3 Types of Exterior Lighting in Beverly, MA for Your Commercial Property

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The best commercial properties boast captivating exterior lighting in Beverly, MA that brings in customers and lets them know their property is the place to be. However, there’s an odd chance that your property can’t say the same and instead features no exterior lighting whatsoever. This may leave it looking more like a haunted house compared to a booming business, meaning the average passerby will feel inclined to even go near it. And it’s not just the aesthetic of your property that will take a hit either: the level of safety will take a turn for the worst as well, which only lower your property resale value even more.

If your business is lacking in serious flare, it’s time to call Cranney Companies for exterior lighting in Beverly, MA. Thanks to our amazing lighting options, your property will shine brighter than ever, attracting customers and potential employees alike. Our team of electricians will gladly work with you in assessing what type of exterior lighting would be perfect for your property. Then, we’ll work like lightning to ensure you have lighting installed as soon as possible!

Exterior Lighting in Beverly, MA: What Can Boost Your Property?

There are all sorts of lighting options out there but if the team at Cranney Companies has any say in the matter, we recommend you install:

  1. Pathway Lighting: If you’re looking for a way to make your property stand out at night, pathway lighting is one way to make it brighter and safer. It will allow customers and employees to enter and exit the building safely come nightfall. Plus, it can also improve your property aesthetically, providing it with a warming, engaging appearance.
  2. Wall Mounted Lighting: The smaller, more unique features of your property’s exterior may go unnoticed come nightfall, but wall mounted lighting can shed new light on your property unlike ever before. These lights can give your property a new glow and give the customer the impression that you’re open for business.
  3. Outdoor Ascent Lighting: If you’re looking to shed new light on any surrounding shrubbery and trees, outdoor ascent lighting is the perfect choice. While this can beautify your property, it can also add a new dimension of safety, giving any intruders less space to hide. It strikes the right balance between establishing aesthetic & security.

Contact Cranney Companies today for exterior lighting in Beverly, MA that can bring your commercial property to new heights!