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Relocation Services and Utiliguard Power Systems in Boston


From proprietary products to service warranties across the HVAC/R, Electrical, and Plumbing industries, Cranney Companies is your one-stop destination for superior service at affordable prices. Our experts are committed to exceeding expectations during the entire engineering, designing, and installation process.

We offer a variety of commercial-grade products and services throughout greater Boston’s North Shore community while specializing in the following areas:


Relocations in Greater Boston and the North Shore

Moving or starting a business doesn’t need to be painful. Our highly trained experts excel at decommissioning, dismantling, re-engineering, and commissioning:

  • Full spectrum electrical and instrumentation wiring
  • All plumbing- and HVAC/R-related mechanical and piping work
  • Pumps, valves, and fittings


UtiliGuard Power Quality Systems

UtiliGuard is a full product line of Power Quality Systems that serve to protect valuable electrical systems from the effects of otherwise damaging surges and harmful harmonic distortion. With a lifetime product warranty and an appliance warranty of up to $100,000, UtiliGuard Power Quality Systems works to accomplish the following:

  • Eliminates damaging surge activity
  • Ensures protection of high-end electrical equipment
  • Reduces downtime and production losses
  • Extends equipment life
  • Lowers energy consumption (guaranteed)
  • Eliminates harmonic distortion
  • Provides power factor correction
  • Enhances green initiatives

In addition, UtiliGuard is fitted with superior clamping voltage and speed capabilities. Clamps surge at 130 Volts. That’s right—the lowest level industry-wide! And at 85 picoseconds (trillionth of a second) the UtiliGuard is one of the fastest surge suppression systems available.


Best-in-Class Service with Cranney Companies

We do everything in our power to provide customers with top quality service and expert know-how. The team at Cranney Companies is New England’s most trusted service technician group. Partnering with Cranney Companies means guaranteed savings of both time and money.

Find out more about the specialized services available at Cranney Companies. Let us help manage all of your commercial servicing demands. Call us today!