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Commercial Generator Sales, Service & Installation in New England


Make sure your business is always powered up and online! No business or facility owner should have to worry or even so much as think about a potential power outage.  Simply put, power outages are bad for business. At Cranney Companies, we understand how essential it is to keep your business or facility running without fail. This is especially evident in New England where weather patterns are as erratic as the temperature fluctuations—both common causes of power outages.


Expert Installation with Cranney Companies

When we say expert we mean that our team of experienced professionals are fully-certified and consistently trained.  More than that, we deliver a team of diverse talents—engineers, designers, installation and maintenance professionals—all working together to create customizable solutions that aim to exceed expectations.  Cranney Companies delivers a variety of generator systems and services, each designed to meet unique spatial challenges.


The Necessity of Automatic Backup Power

Our industry-leading generator selection delivers automatic backup power so that in the event of an outage, you won’t even notice.  Our generators immediately power on when power goes out so there’s never so much as a blip in service.  This means no food wasted, no cold temperatures, and no money lost.  Other benefits of automatic backup generators include:

  • Instantaneous power solutions
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Never a delay in service
  • Eliminate stress from worry
  • Customizable for specific sizing and spatial needs
  • Enhance safety and security

Cranney Companies is New England’s one stop destination for full-service electric solutions (plus plumbing and HVAC/R too).  Do what you do best—run your business.  Let our expert team manage and maintain the electrical systems.

Keep your business running smoothly and safe from power outages. Contact Cranney Companies today to get started with superior generator solutions.