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5 Questions to Ask Before Your Commercial Furnace Replacement

questions to consider before furnace replacement

Posted on January 18, 2017 by admin in Heating, HVAC

It’s no secret that a furnace replacement is a large purchase – an investment. But evaluating your business for a few factors will help you determine the right decisions you can make when seeking out a company for a furnace replacement. The function of your business can be impacted severely if you have an inefficient or broken system, especially if repairs or upgrades will help you keep your business running with functioning heat!

Why Call Cranney Companies for Furnace Replacement?

Cranney Companies is fully equipped and professionally trained to handle commercial HVAC jobs. We understand the value of your business and what it takes to stay competitive. That means you’ve got to have your plumbing, heating, and air on point to focus on what’s important.

When it comes to selecting a company for the job, Cranney should be the first call you make. We are pleased to offer a multitude of benefits and qualities we know you’ll find valuable when you need a furnace replacement:


  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Engineering, Design, and Installation in any facility
  • Fair, Up Front Pricing
  • Free Site Visit
  • One Team Total Solutions
  • Specialized Services and Relocations
  • Exceeding Expectations is Our Standard


5 Questions to Ask Before Your Commercial Furnace Replacement

Cranney Companies knows that you have a lot to consider when you’re making investments in your business. You need appliances that last and service that’s as dependable and efficient as you are. We can deliver all that and more.

Consider these 5 questions before you call Cranney for a Furnace Replacement.


  1. Do you want more than just warm air? In an emergency, we understand that’s the priority, but your furnace should be able to deliver to your specific environment needs. Consider if you would like a system that can have programmable technology, like different temperatures to different rooms or control over where and when which rooms are shut off over the course of the day or work week.
  2. Are you considering energy efficiency? While a furnace has an average lifespan of 20 years, we know that yours may be functioning far from optimal if it’s older than 12-15 years. Technology is advancing rapidly, making more efficient models available much sooner. The cost of upgrading may seem like a daunting cost, but the difference in your monthly energy bill could be substantial enough to warrant the investment. Just $75 in savings a month comes to $27,000 over the course of 30 years – it pays to be up with the times.
  3. How much do you really need? It’s not a comfort to know that you may have been duped with your furnace purchases in the past if they weren’t done with Cranney. Just because you’re a business may not mean you need the biggest and baddest furnace or heating system. If you’re not matched with a furnace that can deliver heat to the right size of your location, you may be in for some big energy loss and inefficiency. A system that is too big may be shutting off and turning on far more frequently than it should – a very wasteful process. Likewise, a system that is underequipped to handle your space may be running overtime to try and meet the demand of your business.
  4. How’s Your Indoor Air Quality? Your furnace has a big piece of the pie when it comes to your indoor air quality. To keep allergens, dirt, dust, and debris out of your business, be sure your furnace is currently handling the job. If your business isn’t addressing indoor air quality, it may contribute to illness and allergy symptoms for those around you. Maintaining clean filters may need to be a more frequent task for your business if your work environment has a lot of contaminants. Keep your staff healthy and comfortable by making sure your indoor air quality is a consideration when you’re looking into furnace replacement.
  5. What fuel type should you use? Your location may make different furnace fuel types an option for you. Ask your Cranney technician if your commercial needs could be met with solar, electric, or gas furnaces. Each has their own pros and cons depending on your needs and goals when it comes to installation pricing, energy efficiency, and fuel use.

Cranney Companies are here to serve you in any of your commercial HVAC and plumbing needs. We understand how to handle business from small businesses to factory operations. Keeping you functioning and updated is our priority. Cranney also offers annual maintenance to make sure that your furnace replacement is finely tuned each year for maximum efficiency.

Call Cranney Companies today to schedule a free site visit for furnace replacement!