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Commercial Heat Pump Services in New England


Feel that chill in the air?  There’s no doubt that New England winters seem to be getting colder and colder each year. At Cranney Companies we know how important it is to stay and keep you and your business warm throughout the season. Moreover, we believe that doing so shouldn’t have to break the bank! We see it as part of our job to help our neighbors and local businesses stay warm with productive heat pump maintenance, repairs, and installations.


Heat Pumps in New England? Are You Sure?

Yes, we’re sure!  It is commonly thought that heat pumps are only useful in warm climates. This is true, but they can also be incredibly powerful and cost-effective in below freezing temperatures.


How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps are no joke! They simultaneously work to lower costs and save energy. Heat pumps transfer heat. They do not burn fuel, thus making them more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. While the weather is just starting to turn, it’s fine to rely solely on heat pump energy, and then, as the weather drops to below freezing, heat pumps may be used as supplemental (and more affordable) energy sources.


Benefits of a Heat Pump Installation in New England

If you’re looking to cut costs, it’s almost always worth considering a heat pump installation.  Other heat pump installation advantages include:

  • Environmentally friendly heating alternatives
  • Less energy consumption means lower monthly utility bills
  • Improved energy efficiency at moderate temperatures
  • Powerful supplemental heat source

If you’re cold, crank up the heat!  We believe that no one should have to feel guilty or uncomfortable when it comes to staying warm.

This winter, don’t get left in the cold! Contact Cranney Companies today to find out how our heat pump installations can help keep your business safe and cozy all year long.