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Commercial Electrical Distribution in New England


When it comes to electrical distribution, our goal is simple: keep our customer’s commercial and industrial spaces powered up and online.

Proper set up of electrical distribution systems can be complex which is why, at Cranney Companies, we hire only fully-certified professionals who are consistently trained in safety protocol, installation, and new technologies.  Our goal remains to exceed the expectations of all our customers.  To this end, we make your electrical challenges our own and don’t stop working until the job is done and done right.

What Full-Service Electrical Distribution Means to Us

Cranney Companies is committed to providing full electrical service to New England’s commercial and industrial spaces.  To the technicians at Cranney Companies, full-service means full-service.  Our electrical distribution team is comprised of engineers and designers working together to combine superior style with top-tier, cost-effective efficiency.


Preventative Electrical Maintenance

Our job doesn’t end once electricity is efficiently distributed.  Again, we are committed to providing full-service and that means offering ongoing preventative maintenance solutions.  Yes, eventual electrical deterioration is normal, but equipment break-downs need not be the inevitable result of passing time.

Cranney Companies offers comprehensive maintenance programs that help to keep your electrical installations and distribution up and running for many years to come.  Our preventative electrical maintenance program works to accomplish the following:

  • Increase the longevity of your electrical installations.
  • Slow deterioration and frequency of electrical failure.
  • Prevent the necessity of regular repairs.
  • Scheduled, convenient, and worry-free maintenance.
  • Decrease overall costs typically associated with repairs.
  • NFPA 70-B approved—recommended practices for electrical equipment.

Cranney manages the whole deal—from engineering and design through installation, distribution, and follow-up maintenance.  Don’t get caught in the dark!  Partner with the pros at Cranney Companies to experience quality service that aims to exceed expectations.

Learn more about our electrical installation and preventative maintenance programs. Call Cranney Companies today!